Minimum Height for Artwork

Is there a way to specify a minimum height for artwork? I understand that there is a minimum width.

Hello! I think “Site Feedback” is probably the wrong category for this question.

No, but there is an enforce_ratio option. Using that combined with the minwidth option could imply something about the height.

Sorry about the category… I’m a bit useless. What should I categorise this as (if anything)?

I understand that using enforce_ratio and minwidthwould then be able to say something about the height, but what happens if I want to allow multiple ratios, but only with a minimum height? Can I suggest this to someone as a feature request?

It’s no problem! We usually just leave general beets discussion as “uncategorized.”

And absolutely! If you can write up your proposal in detail, a new GitHub issue is the right place for that.

Great, thanks – I’ll do that shortly.

I only discovered Beets a few days ago and it’s EXACTLY the program I’ve needed for years! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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