Live Concert Recording Question

I have a large collection of concert recordings ranging from officially released by the artist to bootlegs, but mostly my collection consists of recordings that were allowed by the artists (i.e. Grateful Dead, Widespread Panic, Phish, etc.). I found the setlister plugin, but nothing has been done on it for 5+ years and I’m not sure that it would meet my needs. Are there other resources that can integrate into beets to help with the following:

  • Consistency with album formatting: Albumartist (original_year) yyyy/mm/dd Venue Location {$bitdepth-$samplerate-$media}
  • Within the track listing, allow for bridge/segues demarcation
    (i.e. 01 Help on the Way > 02 Slipknot > 03 Franklin's Tower)
  • Add poster for the particular date for album art
  • Integrating, or another resource for setlist access

I’m sure there’s more in my head, but at this moment I’m going to leave with that which is above. I have a 5 on a scale of 100 experience with coding and plugin development, so I’m probably not the person to take on this project. But I’m curious if there is something out there already.

Thanks much.

Yo! I don’t have much to say about this and I hope others can weigh in, but one thing I wanted to point out is that you can do some of this stuff manually using beet modify and flexible attributes. For example, you can create your own field called $venue or similar to hold the venue location, use it in your path format, and use beet modify -a to set venues for each album.

Even art_filename supports templating, so you can use that to improve on cover.jpg or similar.

I have to admit that messing with flexible attributes is a bit daunting and I feel that I don’t have enough understanding to even take a reasonable stab at it. Now that being said, I ain’t scared. I’ll see what I can do and hopefully will be able to find some kind feedback through within this forum.

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