Language tag - Title language or Lyrical language?

MusicBrainz makes a distinction between a release’s

  • title language, and its
  • lyrical language


This is probably because they can differ, and I recently found out that it happens more often than I thought.

I believe beets currently fetches the release’s title language as opposed to the work’s lyrical language, although the latter would be more useful – I like to classify my music by lyrical language first, then by genre; the title language almost never matters.

In other words, I would like to avoid having beet move non-English songs in the English directory based on their English title, and have it refer to the work’s lyrical language instead.

Is this tag already implemented in beets? If not, where can I implement it myself?

Not currently implemented, no. I’m glad you’re interested in trying to add it! The place where we pull stuff out of the MB web service is in

For example, here’s where we get the current language field: