Russian composers all in Cyrillic

Hi All,

I’m a recent convert to using Beets and it’s great, thanks!

I used it to consolidate and curate all my rock/pop/jazz etc. albums and it worked very well. Then I thought I’d do the same to my classical collection and again it worked very well, the main problems were the inevitable gaps in the Musicbrainz database.

However, all of the albums by Russian composers are in Cyrillic. Shostakovich, Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky etc. and often Russian conductors or other artists too.


steve@debussy:~$ beet ls -a "Le Sacre"
Игорь Фёдорович Стравинский; London Symphony Orchestra, Claudio Abbado - Le Sacre du printemps / The Firebird / Pétrouchka / Pulcinella / Jeu de cartes
Игорь Фёдорович Стравинский; François‐Xavier Roth, Les Siècles - Le Sacre du printemps / Petrouchka
Игорь Фёдорович Стравинский; Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Lorin Maazel - L'oiseau de feu / Le sacre du printemps
Игорь Фёдорович Стравинский;Charles Dutoit,Orchestre symphonique de Montréal - Le Sacre du Printemps etc.
steve@debussy:~$ beet ls -a "Scheherazade"
Николай Андреевич Римский‐Корсаков, Александр Константинович Глазунов; Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Neeme Järvi - Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade / Glazunov: Stenka Razin
Николай Андреевич Римский‐Корсаков; London Symphony Orchestra, Charles Mackerras - Scheherazade / Capriccio espagnol

In some ways I quite like it, the only problem is I can’t type them so searching is hard!

Does anyone know of a non-manual method to convert these back to the English equivalents?

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Hi! You might be interested in the import.languages config option:

…which doesn’t do “conversion” per se. It gets translated/transliterated names from MusicBrainz. So it’s possible that some music will be missing English equivalents, but you can always help out by contributing translations!

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Hi Adrian!

Well, that seems to have done the trick. I added

languages: en

to my config.yaml and did “beet import” on all the directories containing cyrillic tags and beets did the right thing and re-tagged and in most cases moved the files to the right directory names too :slight_smile:

So, that was easy, cheers! :slight_smile:

I’ll keep an eye on anything that’s still not right and see how I might be able to contribute something back.

Thanks again.



Ha! Been using beets for a couple of years now but didn’t know about this feature. Beets doesn’t stop amazing me.

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i have te other way , I would like to hold the Cyrilic names of Artis and Songs but Beets converted them.
And the language option does not tell me much
How to do so