How to add Tags from txt file?


Are there any built-in tools or plugins to parse a text file for tags and batch add tags to a set of music files in beets?

What I want to do

  1. read plain text file (album.txt) line by line
  2. parse each line and read multiple tags per line
  3. apply tags according to predetermined sequence
  • each file corresponds with one album
  • each line corresponds to one track
  • each line lists tags in a specific order with separator


Sequence: trackno;artist;album;trackname;performer

Sample file:

1;Toto;Toto IV;Rosanna;Steve Lukather    
2;Toto;Toto IV;Make Believe;Steve Lukather  
3;Toto;Toto IV;Africa;Steve Lukather  

Not currently, no. But it sounds like a good candidate for a simple custom plugin!

I actually tried making a basic plugin for this:
Going to add some more expansions for it soon!

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