Handling case variation

Is there a easy way to handle case?

An artist like Gaia might tag as Gaia, so all is good in Linux, but switch to windows and it is a nightmare.

I assume there is not good way to handle things like this except manually?

Hmm; could you expand a little bit more on what you mean by “handling” case? Anything in particular you want to do with it?

I’m getting the sense that you might be interested in this feature request about flexible/automated changes to metadata:

My thought with this request was something like this:

I came to beets from media monkey where I manually processed through albums and would always run this script for leading zeros and case.

The nice thing with it is that Feat was always feat regardless of what the source metadata said.
This made it simple to maintain uniform case. In my current situation, I have some albums that are the same, yet different because their case values are different. It would be awesom if beets had a way to just always automatically set case the same way to avoid duplicates.

In Linux, this is 2 separate files/folders, but in Windows because of the way it handles case sensitivity, 2 become one, even though there are 2, making it ultra confusing at times.