Format date tag at import

Hi there,

Is there any method that during import of singletons i can format the date ? The scenario i am looking into is to format date from “1972-03-25” to “1972-01-01”.

Thanks !

Can you explain a bit more about in what context you want to format dates? You can print out dates for particular items with format strings, e.g., beet ls -f '$year-$month-$day'.

During import of singletons, the search result from Musicbrainz are returning the full date with year, month and day. At the moment the date tag is being saved to the file i would like to only save the year or more specifically in the format YYYY-01-01. Could not find a way on how to do that.

Beets exposes the month and day as separate fields. So try beet modify month=1 or similar.