Folder permission problem

Permissions on files and album folders are working just fine but when beets creates the genre folder it does not set the permissions it gives this error

Error: Permission denied while creating /volume1/Tunes/Acid/Luke Vibert

So it created the genre folder if its not there but then fails on the album as the parent folder has the wrong permissions

Relevant config lines

file: 644
dir: 755

default: $genre/$albumartist/[$year] $album/$track $title
singleton: Singletons/$artist - $title
comp: $genre/Various Artists/[$year] $album/$track $title ($artist)
albumtype:soundtrack: Soundtracks/[$year] $album/$track $title ($artist)

format_item: $genre - $artist - [$year] $album - $title
format_album: $genre - $albumartist [$year] - $album

Anyone got any ideas or is this a bug?


That’s strange. I don’t see any obvious cause for this. Is there anything in the verbose log (beet import -vv)? Also, what do the permissions on the directory end up as, if not 755?

So seems like I am getting the same issue and have permissions set up the same in my config yaml :confused:

beets version 1.4.6
Python version 2.7.10
OS Mac High Sierra

Should also mention Im adding files to an external HD formated (ExFat)

Nevermind, found my issue.

Cool! Any chance you could describe what the problem is, to help future users who stumble across this thread?

Sure. For me it was the way I formatted my external hd. Had it as Exfat (read that this has some issues with permissions in general).