Filing dance tracks in a separate folder

First let me thank you for creating Beets (Adrian and others) because my music collection is getting cleaned up and organized in a way that I never dreamed possible. So thank you thank you thank you!

Currently I’m trying to attach a context to a large folder of Dance Tracks when importing to store them in a separate folder (context=dancetrack). The folder contains tracks for DJing that I don’t want in my ‘singles’ folder.

The example in the docs “Store any data you like” mentions that you can do this but uses ‘modify’ which I guess assumes that files are already in the collection. I want to prevent that because I’m not sure how to find back all tracks that I want to give this context.

I’ve tried to use like this (on one file, in the end I want to feed it the whole folder):

beet import context=dancetrack /Volumes/Tunez/\ New\ House/01\ Bad\ Man\ Feat\ Arrish\ \(Original\ Mix.mp3 dancetrack=1

But I get a:

error: no such file or directory: context=dancetrack

I’ve also tried to put context=dancetrack after the file name but with nu luck.
Would what I’d like to achieve be possible? Thanks for any ideas.


Maybe you’re looking for the --set option to the import command?

Thanks @adrian I tend to get confused by the different formatting options with various commands like modify and import.