Feature request: Fetchart to convert image formats

If you guys have the wish and time to implement this, here’s an idea of a useful feature: let fetchart call imagemagick to convert downloaded cover art from one format to another, say PNG to JPG. Different music players support different formats, and it’d be sweet if we could do the conversion inside beets.

Interesting! Out of curiosity, what software did you have in mind? I’ve noticed that PNG and JPEG are indeed the only widely-supported formats, and JPEG is even more commonly supported than PNG. (In fact, I don’t know of any software that supports PNG but not JPEG.)

BMW car infotainment system:

Supports JPG up to 1,000 px.

In fact, your blissful confrère has already implemented a similar feature. But the choice of graphic format can be helpful not only for cars.

Oh, yes. JPG is the MP3 of the graphic world. PNG is the FLAC. Bigger, badder, losslesser.

Got it; cool. This does seem reasonable—would you mind writing up a feature request for GitHub? An important decision, for example, is whether this happens automatically as images are fetched or whether you’re supposed to run a conversion command after the fact.

Thanks, Adrian. Done.