Error with some imports

Hello, I have been using beets for quite some time and everything been working well, changed to a new PC and I was just setting up and importing some albums however it seems that I’m having an error with scrub plugin, its not all the time, most of the file imports do not have any errors however I was wondering what could be the cause:

scrub: auto-scrubbing C:\Users\Griff\Music\Musica\Ayreon\1995 - The Final Experiment [FLAC]\14 - Swan Song.flac
scrub: writing new tags after scrub
Sending event: write
Sending event: after_write
scrub: restoring art
scrub: could not write tags: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '\\\\?\\C:\\Users\\Griff\\Music\\Musica\\Ayreon\\1995 - The Final Experiment [FLAC]\\14 - Swan Song.flac'
scrub: auto-scrubbing C:\Users\Griff\Music\Musica\Ayreon\1995 - The Final Experiment [FLAC]\15 - Ayreon's Fate.flac
scrub: writing new tags after scrub
Sending event: write
Sending event: after_write
scrub: restoring art
Sending event: art_set
Sending event: database_change
Sending event: album_imported
Sending event: import
Sending event: cli_exit

As you can see, only one file seems to have the issue however the other are alright, I also have the full verbose but I thought it would be too long to send, I can send it however if it is needed

Plus my config I do admit that I have been fiddling with it before running the imports but it was to add the albumtypes plugin and add the format type for the albums :

directory: ~\Music\
library: ~\Music\library.db

    move: no
    copy: yes
    write: yes
    resume: ask
    incremental: yes
    languages: en es jp
    duplicate_action: ask
    bell: yes
    terminal_width: 90
    color: yes
       text_success: green
       text_warning: yellow
       text_error: red
       text_highlight: red
       text_highlight_minor: lightgray
       action_default: turquoise
       action: blue
original_date: no        
per_disc_numbering: yes
threaded: yes
    strong_rec_thresh: 0.04
plugins: fetchart albumtypes discogs scrub inline lastgenre spotify info

    auto: yes
    minwidth: 600
    enforce_ratio: yes
    cautious: true
    source_weight: 0.5

    auto: yes
        - ep: 'EP'
        - single: 'Single'
        - soundtrack: 'OST'
        - compilation: 'Compilation'
    ignore_va: compilation
    bracket: '[]'
    multidisc: 1 if disctotal > 1 else 0

    format: |
        formatList = []
        for item in items:
        return formatList

    count: 3
    source: album
    whitelist: C:\Users\Griff\.config\beets\genres.txt
    canonical: C:\Users\Griff\.config\beets\genres-tree.yaml
    fallback: ''
    separator: '; '
    default: Musica/$albumartist/$original_year - %title{$album} %aunique{}$atypes[$format]/%if{$multidisc,Disc $disc/}$track - $title
    comp: Musica/Varios Artistas/$original_year - $album $atypes /$track - $title
    albumtype:soundtrack: Soundtracks/$album [$format]/$track - $title
    singleton: Musica/$albumartist/$original_year - $album $atypes[$format]/$title 

Hi! Looks like the OS is reporting an error with that file, C:\Users\Griff\Music\Musica\Ayreon\1995 - The Final Experiment [FLAC]\14 - Swan Song.flac. A first thing to try might be looking at the file and seeing if something is wrong with its permissions. (I don’t know much about permissions on Windows, so I’m not exactly sure what to check…) It would also be good to see if you can do other things with the file, like rename it, move it, or modify it with some other program—which would indicate that there are indeed permissions problems going on.

Checking whether an explicit beet scrub works on the file as well could be useful. If it does work, then the culprit likely has to do with parallel access to the same file, which I know Windows doesn’t like much…

Thank you for the help. I tried both things, I was able to write and move the file with another program and also was able to to use the explicit beet scrub on the file, so I guess that means that parallel access to the same file may be the culprit here.

Not sure what can be done about this, but as it is a not a common thing I will likely go check back to the file when the scrubs fails.

Well, that certainly is odd! I suppose the other things to consider trying are:

  • Does it happen deterministically on the same file, if you import the same album multiple times?
  • Could there be interference between different plugins? Seeing if disabling other plugins, besides scrub, suppresses the issue could help identify a bad interaction.