Enhancing beets' replaygain plugin

I’ve recently started using Beets to help improve the metadata within my music library and I’m enjoying its functionality and flexibility. Earlier today I enabled the replaygain plugin to calculate and write r128 scores to the database and it seems to me to be fairly slow (running on a Ryzen based Arch Linux desktop). Looking at CPU usage running beets’ replaygain plugin does not appear to leverage multiple cores, which on the face of it would explain the performance.

In the past I’ve used r128gain - Fast audio loudness scanner & tagger to undertake r128 replaygain analysis - it’s multithreaded and seems to perform a LOT faster than the existing plugin. Given it’s also coded in Python, LGPL-2.1 and “can also be used as a Python module from other Python projects to scan and/or tag audio files” I was wondering whether it’d be worthwhile considering it as a replacement or alternative to the existing replaygain plugin?

Yo! I think I found (and commented on) your suggestion in a GitHub issue too:

Thanks, is there an ETA for incorporation of 3056 ?

No; we don’t really do ETAs! It is in good shape and should be basically ready. It just needs careful code review—and code review bandwidth is unfortunately a scarce resource for us. Any help would, as always, be appreciated.

I can help with testing, but it’s been eons since I coded so unlikely I could tick the boxes to carry out code review.