ReplayGain plugin


I have a question concerning the replayGain: Can I only compute the replaygain for individual tracks, or also the album replay gain (which should be stored in a different tag)? Couldn’t find anything in the help.



It calculates both (in different tags).

Thanks. Perfect. That answers my question.

Hm. I just tried it out, and ran:

beet replaygain  albumartist:ABBA

and it analysed all tracks, becuse running the same command again, skipped all tracks.

Now I ran

beet replaygain -a albumartist:ABBA

and it analysed each album. So I assume, that the -a scans for the replaygain per album, while without the -a, scans per tracks?

If this is the case, it would be great to have a flag to analyse both in one go?

OK - just realised, that the -a does both.

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