Edit plugin shows No changes; aborting

I’m not sure I understand the documentation here. It says that the plugin is used with

beet edit QUERY

However, typing

beet edit cuty

gives me “No changes; aborting” and opens an empty text editor. The song shows up in ls, so I know for sure that it’s in my library

Hmm; that should work. Is there anything interesting in the verbose log?

Also, maybe it’s worth checking your $EDITOR? It should block and wait for you to save & close the text file. If it’s opening a GUI editor, it may be returning immediately instead of waiting. Many text editors have a CLI option to make it wait so it’s more suitable for use as $EDITOR.

I changed the default editor to nano and it worked without a hitch. Is there a way to change this setting within beets? The docs mention environment variables, but not how to change them.

Environment variables are not a beets thing; they’re an OS thing. You’ll want to google for advice about how to set environment variables on your platform.