Beets cant edit config file

Hi there,

im new to beets and not that comfortable with the console enviroment.

After installing beets on my Windows10 Desktop i ran into some problems trying to configure the config-file.

λ beet config -p                                                        
λ beet config -e                                                        
error: Could not edit configuration: [Errno 2] No such file or directory

I’m a little confused why he cant edit it when he just told me where to find it.

I’ll appreciate any help.

kind regards

Hi! This is most likely just because beets is failing to open the text editor on your machine. You might try something like:

notepad.exe C:\Users\bruno\AppData\Roaming\beets\config.yaml

…or otherwise manually creating that file. (With apologies, I’m not a Windows user, so I’m not certain of the details!)

Thanks! That seemed to work.

When im trying to import all my music to my first directory im getting new Errors but i think ill open a new topic for that.

λ beet import B:\musicdump
error: database file B:\musiclibrary\library cannot not be opened: unable to open database file

I gave the library a new path in the config file. I moved the original database file to this new path so it’s actually there.