Cover Art Issues


I’m having a hard time to get an API key for Google Images as I’m trying to write a similar plugin to ‘fetchart’. Can you please guide me about how to create a unique key?

Also, response.json() seems not working properly, I keep getting an error. How can I fix it? Did anyone deal with such problems before?

Thank you so much, and I’m sorry if these questions are stupid. This is my first time working with APIs.

Here’s a screenshot of my errors:

I unfortunately don’t know much about the process for obtaining such an API key… but maybe you can describe what you’ve done so far? For example, did you register for a key yet? Did you try setting up a “Custom Search” engine?

I’ve created a search engine that would search Google Images and I have an API key but it gives the error message that it is invalid. And I’m also confused :smiley:

Maybe I should define the custom search in a different way?