Censored Songs? Can Beets Detect these without using meta-data?


Can Beets detect ‘Censored’ or ‘Radio Edits versions’ of songs without using Metadata?

For example, I am listening to some songs which have been tagged from Picard, Discogs, Spotify, etc. And I hear that the song is a censored version of the original song.

The track does not have any metadata associated that indicates its ‘censored’ such as “Clean” or “Radio Edit”, it just is a normal track that looks like all other tracks within your library, but it is censored.

Its quite annoying to have censored songs, is it possible to detect all censored songs and perform one or more of the following actions:

  • Get a list of the censored songs
  • Move the censored songs to a new directory
  • Remove and delete the censored songs.

If not, does anyone know of a third-party tool I can use for this?

Thanks all!

Yuck, censored versions are annoying.

Have you tried using the pyacoustid plugin? If that doesn’t work, maybe someone at acoustid.org might have guidance.

The problem is that all audio fingerprinting (acoustID etc) depends on the mathematical properties of the song. A censored version is usually identical in all places but the censored parts. So mathematically they are nearly identical. That’s why you get false positives.