Can't update db because of error with missing image? [Resolved]

Error: No such file or directory while moving \Music\I-L\Kevin Penkin\[2017] MADE IN ABYSS ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK\albumart_MADE IN ABYSS ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK.jpg to \Music\I-L\Kevin Penkin\[2017] MADE IN ABYSS ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK\Disc 01\albumart_MADE IN ABYSS ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK.1.jpg

The image file is literally right there. Because of this error running beet update does not update any of the files I edited in tagscanner. I don’t understand what it wants me to do.

Also, I don’t even want my cover file moved. Does it have to be moved just because I have a multidisc album?

EDIT: Never mind. I just ended up starting over with a fresh DB.