Can i get stats for differents type of file (count of .mp3 or .flac files)?


First of all, thanks you so much for Beets !
It was definetely the software i was looking for, in order to reorganise all my audio files.
Such a pleasure now to have a clean folder and files organisation !

Now, i would like to know if it is possible with “stats” command to know how many .mp3, .flac or .ogg file do i have for each type.
For exemple :
300 files as .ogg
250 files as .flac

The perfect solution would provide also a count for each mp3 bitrate files, for exemple :
255 files as 128kb/s mp3
55 files at 320kb/s mp3

I’ve tried things like “beet stats --format=mp3” without succes.
I can’t find in the documentation all the option available for “stats”.

But maybe should i just use linux find command ?

Hello! The stats command, like most commands including list, accepts a query argument. Please take a look at the documentation page about queries—it’s a flexible way to specify any set of music you want to look at. For example, beet stats format:MP3 might be what you’re after, but you will also want to experiment with beet list first to see what various queries do.

Oh, sorry, i think i’ve missed that line in the documentation !
“$ beet list format:MP3 bitrate:…128000”
Thanks Adrian !