Beets and VGMdb

VGMdb is a music Database for “visual arts and games”.

Now the question is, should beets implement it as a data source or should I try and attempt to write a script to import the data into musicbrianz and if the releases are in a different language create a Psudo translation release (that I’ve seen done before) upon import

Which one is the better to attempt, or if you have tried attempting to use VGMdb in the past what is the hold up that stopped you?

Neat idea! I think it would be great to write a metadata source plugin for this database. I don’t think anyone has tried before—but there are several other metadata source plugins included with beets that might serve as a good example. It’s wide open if you’d like to contribute!

I don’t know the current status of the project,
but there already exists a VGMdb beets plugin:

Have you seen/tried that one?

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Question, isn’t beets going to python 3 and that hasn’t been updated to python 3 nor updated within the last 2 years? Either way, thanks for the heads up on it, will look into it