Artifacts, Extra Files, File Tote

I’m trying to copy all the extra files and artifacts during import but haven’t found a solution.

Extrafiles doesn’t work.
Copyartifacts sort of works. It copies over a cover image but leaves behind entire folders of images, artwork, etc.
Haven’t tried FileTote yet.

What is everyone using to bring over all the extra stuff?

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Copyartifacts does work. I added another wildcard to my config:*/* will capture folders during import. I’m copying my import to a new directory and notice that it takes a few minutes for the folders and files to appear.

    extensions: .cue .log .jpg .png .m3u */*
    print_ignored: yes
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Hi! Let me know if you try Filetote and have any issues or suggestions. As of right now, all three plugins will move the extra artifacts/files at the end of the process, hence the delay. That said, I’m working to allow Filetote to them more incrementally as albums, etc., are imported/copied/moved.


Thanks, Tritones! I didn’t realize that the artifacts were copied over at the end of the process but this explains it. I haven’t tried Filetote because I have things working as I need currently and am hesitant to break anything by trying a different plugin. I’ve been starting and stopping using Beets for years now because I could never make it work as I would like - or discovered later that I left all sorts of stuff behind during import. I’m now at the point where storage is cheap enough (for me) that I want to take everything during import and maybe clean it out later but I doubt it.


I do it manually or use shell scripts after import. :flushed: Like you, I tried extrafiles and it didn’t work for me, then I tried copyartifacts and it sometimes crashed beets or even corrupted filenames, so I decided it was easier to just let beets do its thing on the actual music files, and put all the artwork etc. into the matching folders myself. But I tend to have such extra files only rarely. For album art I use the fetchart+embedart combo, so the art generally ends up in my music files rather than a cover.jpg on disk. I also have a hacky shell script that I run occasionally which discovers any hanging non-music folders left over within my music folder structure (which happens for example in the rare circumstance when I change my filename rules and then run beets move).