Add performers from Musicbrainz & AlbumArtist creation

Hi i really love Beets, ive been using Picard for years and i am trying to go fully (well mostly) automated with Beets :slight_smile:

  1. Can i add performers as i can do in Musicbrainz Picard. Like this in MusicBee:

  2. When having this naming scheme:

    default: %upper{%left{$albumartist_sort,1}}/$albumartist/$albumartist - $albumtype - $original_year - $album%if{$albumdisambig, (%title{$albumdisambig}),} [$label] [$bitdepth-$samplerate $format]/$disc-$track - $artist - $title
    singleton: %upper{%left{$albumartist_sort,1}}/$albumartist/$albumartist - $albumtype - $original_year - $album%if{$albumdisambig, (%title{$albumdisambig}),} [$label] [$bitdepth-$samplerate $format]/$disc-$track - $artist - $title
    comp: %upper{%left{$albumartist_sort,1}}/$albumartist/$albumartist/compilations/$albumartist - $original_year - $album%if{$albumdisambig, (%title{$albumdisambig}),} [$label] [$bitdepth-$samplerate $format]/$disc-$track - $artist - $title

Tyler Bates is created in folder B and not T. But The White Stripes is correctly created in W. Why is this? Im i not supossed to use $albumartist_sort,1 ?

  1. Im using clutter as this:
    clutter: ["Thumbs.DB", ".DS_Store", "*.m3u", ".pls", "*.jpg"]
    But Beets still leaves a directory containing a file named cover.jpg
    Why does it do this?

Thank you!

…Well luckily for me i found SongKong.
Easier to use and the support there is great! The developer answers within minutes.

Thank you and goodbye Beets!

What a cynical reply @GreenLantern81. So goodbye!