Accidently pointed directory at deleted folder. C: drive filled up but can't find the data to delete

Windows 7 pro 64bit.

Got myself into a bit of a pickle…

I was using beets on my flac library, on an external dive. I did a test import of a few albums to see what it would look like, into a folder called flac_test. Looked good so I shift+delete (bypasses recycle bin) flac_test and move onto the real deal. But I forget to change the directory in the config.yaml so it still says H:\flac_test. Beets cancels midway saying drive full. “How is that possible, there’s nearly a TB left on that drive?!”

Now my c: drive is completely full and I can’t find all the .flac filling it up. Any ideas?

Does this even make any sense?

Thanks for any tips

Foolish me, the command prompt told me where it was. It was moved to C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\music.

So what was actually going on, in case anyone comes across this in the future, was this. I was remotely connecting into cmd.exe on my pc from my tablet (running windows 10) using psexec.exe. This is so that I could go around the house and type a, u, s, etc on the tablet without needing to sit by the computer. I think this may be the cause of files going to system32 although I’m not sure why. Trying to figure it out now but need a computer break for a few days at least.