What is the recommened method for backing up a beets library

I’ve been putting in a lot of work importing my library. I’ve got backups of my unsorted music from prior to this project but I would like to back up the imported library and everything beets related.

Is there a recommended method of doing this so if something were to happen to my library, the process of rebuilding it from backups would be a seamless as possible? Ideally I would like to avoid having to re-import my many many many albums again.

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Backing up audio files tagged by beets is no different than backing up any other files. Just use your preferred method. Then do the same for beets’ configuration files.

But there is also the critical SQLite ~/.config/beets/library.db file. This IMHO is equally important to back up with the audio files themselves.

Another consideration is the Python environment that runs beets. Which plugins you have installed, and all the dependencies. But this can be reconstructed later. Whereas losing the library.db file means reimporting everything.

@fliz My advice regarding beets-specific things to back up is to archive your ~/.config/beets folder, including both your config.yaml and library.db. With these two files, plus your actual music file system structure, it should be doable to restore your beets environment on a fresh system by reinstalling beets + desired plugins.