What is it asking?

     * ?[31;01mAf?[39;49;00mte?[31;01mr Hours?[39;49;00m?[31;01m (#12)?[39;49;00m?[31;01m (2:44)?[39;49;00m ->
       ?[31;01mKrema?[39;49;00mt?[31;01morium (Instrum?[39;49;00me?[31;01mntal)?[39;49;00m?[31;01m (#26)?[39;49;00m?[31;01m (2:32)?[39;49;00m ?[33;01m(id, title, index, length)?[39;49;00m
     * ?[31;01mSh?[39;49;00mame?[31;01m (#13)?[39;49;00m?[31;01m (3:26)?[39;49;00m ->
       ?[31;01mRos?[39;49;00ma?[31;01m Blu?[39;49;00mme?[31;01m (Instrumental)?[39;49;00m?[31;01m (#27)?[39;49;00m?[31;01m (2:47)?[39;49;00m ?[33;01m(id, title, length, index)?[39;49;00m
     * ?[31;01mR?[39;49;00mum?[31;01mors (F?[39;49;00mea?[31;01mt.Tove Lo?[39;49;00m)?[31;01m (#6)?[39;49;00m ->
       ?[31;01mWas glaubt die Welt denn, wer sie ist? (Instr?[39;49;00mume?[31;01mnt?[39;49;00ma?[31;01ml?[39;49;00m)?[31;01m (#28)?[39;49;00m ?[33;01m(title, index)?[39;49;00m
    ?[34;01mA?[39;49;00mpply, ?[34;01mM?[39;49;00more candidates, ?[34;01mS?[39;49;00mkip, ?[34;01mU?[39;49;00mse as-is, as ?[34;01mT?[39;49;00mracks, ?[34;01mG?[39;49;00mroup albums,
    ?[34;01mE?[39;49;00mnter search, enter ?[34;01mI?[39;49;00md, a?[34;01mB?[39;49;00mort?

I can’t figure out what it is asking for. After I hit enter, it presents a set of letters. I want to set it up to just ignore anything it can’t match so I don’t have to be present.

aBort (press b then enter) should quit out of the importer.

You can pass “quiet” on the import command (-q I think). That skips all prompts (there may be one prompt at the start asking to pick up where you left off).

The ? symbols are because your terminal can’t display special characters. Known issue in some cases: convert: Avoid an encoding error on Windows when in a non-Unicode locale · Issue #3128 · beetbox/beets · GitHub

?[34;01mA?[39;49;00mpply, ?[34;01mM?[39;49;00more candidates, ?[34;01mS?[39;49;00mkip, ?[34;01mU?[39;49;00mse as-is, as ?[34;01mT?[39;49;00mracks, ?[34;01mG?[39;49;00mroup albums,

This would look something like Apply, More candidates, Skip, etc. But it’s supposed to be color coded and the display broke.


Another thing that you’re witnessing here is ANSI color codes (you may wish to disable color altogether): On Windows under Python 3, Colorama's ANSI color replacement doesn't work in cmd.exe · Issue #2607 · beetbox/beets · GitHub


Thank you. I woudn’t have figured that one out in a millon years lol.