[Solved] Disc name?

Just installed and started using your program.
I have a question on the multi-disc path naming. I used the example on the FAQs and make a path like:
default: %title{$albumartist}/%title{$album%aunique{}}/%if{$multidisc,Disc $disc/}$track %title{$title}
My question is, Can I get the disc name from the musicbranz database?
As an example, the Enya “Book of Dreams” has 3 cds named:
CD1: Oceans
CD2: Clouds
CD3: Stars
With my current path I get
Music/Enya/A Book Of Dreams/CD 01/01 Orinoco Flow.mp3 and so on
I will want to get Music/Enya/A Book Of Dreams/CD 01: Oceans/01 Orinoco Flow.mp3
The main purpose is that when Plex forms the library I have an Album that when opened shows the 3 cd and then each one their songs.
Thats a simple example, in classical music its not 3 disc compilation, Beethoven is a 100 Cds one, Bach 171.
Thanks in Advance, Eugeni

Hi! We store that information as $disctitle.

Thanks adrian,
I just saw the “beet fields” that returns all the posible variables, Will export it to have at hand for reference.
I change the first post to solved.