Separate artists with custom syntax?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to separate artists with either commas or semicolons instead of the word “feat”? My music library app can distinguish artists if there’s a semicolon between them.

Thanks for the consideration!

We don’t currently have an option like that. The “join string” comes directly from MusicBrainz, and it’s usually something like “and” or “feat.”.

However, this is a fortuitous time to be asking about this. Recently, the MB style guide changed to allow a broader variety of join strings, so the “client side” has been asked to provide ways to normalize this for users. Here’s the discussion regarding Picard:

Maybe we need a ticket of our own to request the ability to customize these? Perhaps with a dedicated config option (or set of options) to the MB data source?

That sounds awesome! Are you recommending to start a ticket at the picard-plugins page? Just want to make sure I ask the right people. Thanks again for the heads up on this development.

Great! Actually, I meant to ask you the favor of opening an issue in our GitHub repository (i.e., the beets repository). If you don’t mind giving some context by linking to the Picard issue too, that would be awesome!