Re-import loses custom flexible attributes / fields

I’ve noticed that fields that I manually set on my original import (--set=foo=bar) are lost if I reimport using import -L, unless I also pass them with —set during the reimport. Is there a way to persist custom set fields on reimport, or at the least easily back up those fields before hand and re-set them afterward?

Alternatively, is there a way to apply autotag logic to existing library content without re-importing at all? Just modify the existing fields without changing the item/album ids?

I’m guessing there’s no way to do this at present? Worst case I could presumably script it by grabbing the values of all the flexible fields at the album and item level, and then re-set them after the import, but since the album id will change, that could be irritating to track across the re-import.

Yeah, I think that’s true (i.e., no obvious way to do this now). We could imagine just changing the default here—i.e., explicitly copy over all flexible attributes during re-import. But we’d need to be careful not to clobber any of the new metadata that comes from any new matches.