Path config and album-level flexible ttributes (at import time)


first of all, thanks for the code. It’s been a long time since I needed something like that.

Now, my question: I have an album-level flexible attribute I call “supergenre” which serves as a general categorisation for my music : I just want to keep Pop music separate from Classical music and organize their paths in a different way. So, I usually set that attribute at import time with a “set” argument.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to make it work with paths configuration. It will organize the album’s path by the default rule. A subsequent beet move won’t do either.

So, how can I make path configuration work with album level flexible attributes?

(Sorry if this has been answered before)

Hmm; that sounds bad! It should certainly be possible to use a field assigned with a --set flag to sort your music into directories. Can you paste the relevant parts of the config you’re using and a description what you’re seeing happen after import?

The assign part works good. It’s just that it does not match the query.

Here is the configuration (I include the inline config also, for clarity):

    initial: (albumartist_sort or artist_sort or albumartist or artist or '_')[0].upper()
    disc_count:  u'%02i.' % (disc)
    disc_and_track: u'%02i.%02i' % (disc, track) if
                    disctotal > 1 else u'%02i' % (track)
    definite_year: u'%04i' % original_year or original_date[:3] or year or date[:3] or 0

    cond_release_category: |
            if albumstatus.lower()=='official':
                    if albumtype.lower() in ['album', 'compilation', 'ep']:
                            return None
                    elif supergenre=='Soundtrack' and albumtype.lower() in ['soundtrack']:
                            return None
                            return albumtype.capitalize()
                    return albumstatus.capitalize()
    boxset_folder: |
            if boxset==1:
                    boxdisc_folder=u'%i. %s' % disc, disctitle
                    if boxdisc_year: boxdisc_folder=u'%s %s' % boxdisc_folder, boxdisc_year
                    return boxdisc_folder
                    return None

    default: $supergenre/%asciify{$initial}/$albumartist/%if{$cond_release_category,$cond_release_category/}[$definite_year] $album%aunique{albumartist album,albumdisambig label catalognum year}/$disc_and_track - $title
    boxset:1: $supergenre/%asciify{$initial}/$albumartist/%if{$cond_release_category,$cond_release_category/}[$definite_year] $album%aunique{albumartist album,albumdisambig label catalognum year}/$disc_count $disctitle%ifdef{boxdisc_year, ($boxdisc_year)}/$track - $title
    singleton: Non-Album/$artist - $title
    comp: $supergenre/Compilations/$album%aunique{}/$disc_and_track - $title
    supergenre:Soundtrack: Soundtrack/$album/%if{$disctotal>1,$disc.}$track $title

It looks like the path query fails because the supergenre attribute is defined at album level. For example:

user@beethost:~$ beet ls supergenre:Soundtrack
user@beethost:~$ beet ls -a supergenre:Soundtrack
Michael Nyman - The Piano
user@beethost:~$ ls -l /music/Soundtrack/N/Michael\ Nyman/
total 0
drwxrwxr-x 2 user user 0 Jan 26 08:50 [1993] The Piano

You can see that the path follows the default pattern. BTW, if I give the command ‘beet move’ it will remain unchanged.

Hope this helps.

Aha! Yes, thanks for clarifying. I can see that those path queries might only match item-level fields.

Just to check: that listing does indicate that $supergenre in your template is being expanded correctly, right?

Correct, no problem with expanding it.

Got it; thanks. This now sounds like a pretty clear-cut bug—would you mind filing a GitHub issue? I don’t know exactly how to fix it, but we can at least look more closely…

Sure, no problem. Going to copy the same info :slight_smile:

Can the changes in Pull #2988 be merged in the next release yet?

The use case I’m waiting on is using the duplicates plugin (and manual modification) to tag albums that are less desirable duplicates and then to use the path config to move them to a subdirectory that is not exposed to my music player.

That way I keep them organised but out of the way and keep a curated chosen copy of the album playable. (I could change my mind later on about which version is the chosen one by simply flipping the album tags).

Hi! Please consider leaving a comment on that issue thread or pitching in to help—it looks like it’s reached a level of maturity but still has performance problems that are preventing us from shipping it to all users, enabled by default.

Sure, have done on the original issue, here: comment on #2797.

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