Question on Conditional Pathways

The Paths section of my config file, for classical music, currently looks like this:

genre:contemporary classical: Classical/$albumartist/$albumartist - [$original_year] $album%aunique{} ($format - $bitdepth)/%if{$multidisc,Disc $disc - $disctitle/}$track $title

genre:classical: Classical/$albumartist/$albumartist - [$original_year] $album%aunique{} ($format - $bitdepth)/%if{$multidisc,Disc $disc - $disctitle/}$track $title

Firstly, can I combine these genre conditions into a single path? Secondly, I would prefer my classical folder to have this path:

genre:classical: Classical/$composer_sort/$album%aunique{} [$original_year] - ($albumartist) - ($format)/%if{$multidisc,Disc $disc - $disctitle/}$track $title

This splits up albums that contain works by more than one composer. I would prefer to keep these albums intact and together. I have tagged albums containing works of a single composer with a composer tag, albums that contain multiple composers I have not assigned a composer tag. Can I use this for a conditional pathway? Example: If composer tag is present use “X” path, if composer tag absent use “Y” path.

Hi there! It’s a little hard to read the current configuration here—can you please put it into a Markdown code block?

Yes! You can use a regex query like composer::. to match all music where the composer field has at least one character.