Question concerning `paths`


I have two questions concerning paths:

  1. I have the following paths specification in my config file:

    genre:Christmas: Christmas/$album%aunique{}/$disc.$track $title
    genre:Children: Children/$album%aunique{}/$disc.$track $title
    genre:Speech: Speech/$album%aunique{}/$disc.$track $title

     genre:Classical: Classical/$albumartist/$album%aunique{} ($missing)/$disc.$track $title
     genre:Jazz:           Jazz/$albumartist/$album%aunique{} ($missing)/$disc.$track $title
     singleton: Non-Album/$artist/$title
     comp: Compilations/$album%aunique{} ($missing)/$disc.$track $title
     default: Default/$albumartist/$album%aunique{} ($missing)/$disc.$track $title

Just to be sure - they are evaluated from top to bottom, and it is the first one which matches wins - correct?

  1. I have the $missing in there - is it possible, to put all albums, which have at least one missing track, into one folder? Something like

    $missing > 0: missing/$albumartist/$album%aunique{} ($missing)/$disc.$track $title

In the same context: can I query all albums which have at least one missing track?



Found the answer to the second question concerning list:

 beet list -af '$missing $album' missing:1..99 | sort


Remember that the “key” for a path is just a beets query, so any query you can use with list can also appear there. So missing:1.. will do, for example.

That sounds perfect. So I could also do something like missing:1.. genre:jazz?


Hm. I tried

genre:Jazz missing:1..:  Jazz/00_missing_$missing/$albumartist/$album%aunique{} ($missing)/$disc.$track $title
genre:Jazz:           Jazz/$albumartist/$album%aunique{} ($missing)/$disc.$track $title

but the first one got not triggered, although I have two albums there:

16:13 $ beet list -af '$missing $album' missing+ genre:jazz missing:1..
7 Bar Jazz
12 Toccata: Play Bach

That’s always somewhat tricky to debug, but you’re on the right track here. You might try fiddling around with the query and the template to see what you can get to trigger—a little exploration would likely be fruitful!