Possible to automap docs to plugins?

I will often check the docs, ex.:


If I want to dive deeper, I have to go to github and mess around a few folders to go here:


It seems that most/all plugins have a simple mapping between doc and plugin. What if we made a script that autolinked the two? I care mostly about linking docs to source, but linking source to docs might be helpful too.

Do we even need a script to do this? For the number of plugins we’ve got it’s probably easier to just add a link to the plugin source in each plugin doc.

Edit: I am all for this idea — Home Assistant does something similar (or at least used to) for components, and I’ve found it useful in the past.

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Seems great! Adding a link manually would be cool. I also wonder if there isn’t some manner of simple Sphinx plugin we can make to do it automatically, without even modifying the relevant files.

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Wouldn’t sphinx autodoc do this?