Plugin auto set comment on import


I’m surprised that I did not find an answer to my searches in the forum, since I guess what I would like to do is quite common (although maybe not for beets users):

On import, I would like to add the same static comment to each track’s tags. (E.g. “Imported by me.”)

Which plugin does that?

Thank you :bowing_man:

PS: My use case is that I have a folder of music of two types. One part is a big mess, the other part I have listened to and found to be ‘good’. Only good music will enjoy the treatment with beets. My goal is to mark each good track with a comment, such that I can filter the folder based on the comment. (I would like the filtering to be possible with other tools than beets, too, hence beet list <query> does not help here.)

Hello! Have you tried the --set flag to the import command?

Thx. Yes, I did. Also tried by configuring the (equivalent) set_fields property of the importer. As I understand from various discussion, set and set_fields work on the album level.

This is why beet info ... does not show the comments.

I’d like to have comments=... be applied at track level (and written to each individual file) at import.


cf. the merge request on github

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