On github: add labels for plugins

Hi, shifting through issues on github made me realize that it is not easy to find issues that are related to specific plugins (i.e. duplicates). I would like to suggest to add labels for the plugins which are shipped.

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Seems like a reasonable idea! Two brief thoughts:

  • I have been enforcing a convention where plugin-specific issues get a prefix. So an issue might be titled “playlist: Support formats beyond m3u” to indicate that it’s for the playlist plugin, for instance. I wonder if it’s possible to search at the beginning of the title…
  • One downside to the label approach is that there would be a lot of labels. We have dozens of plugins now, so the popups on the GH issue page could get a tad unwieldy.
  • You can only search in the title, don’t think there’s a possibility to use regex(alike) syntax. And for whomever reading this: you can use in:title in your search.
  • That’s true, but if you use labels like plugin:duplicates, etc, they are somewhat “grouped” and you can also put them in boards and stuff.
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