New feature discussion: FetchArt "embedded" source

I’m adding a new embedded source for the fetchart plugin, which will extract art stored inside the tags of an album’s tracks and save it as its own file.

Note that this can already be done manually via beet extractart. However, adding an embedded source to FetchArt makes it easy to pull out embedded art during every import, and also allows a user to prioritize art from embedded sources vs other sources (local cover.jpg files, itunes, etc.) simply by re-ordering their sources list.

So - would people use this feature? And should it be enabled by default? If yes, I propose putting it just before the default web sources; e.g. filesystem embedded coverart itunes amazon albumart.

Can I get some votes (and discussion) please!

  • Option A Enable it by default, sort it after filesystem and before the web sources
  • Option B Enable it by default, but sort it someplace else (please comment)
  • Option C Do not enable it by default

Thanks for posting!! I’d love to hear opinions.

Option D: enable it by default, sort it before all other sources

No. “Embedded” can’t be a source, it’s a destination. Artwork should comes from known external sources and then be embedded, if need be.

Better add Deezer as a source.

So, Option C for me.

And thanks for FetchArt, I use it daily.