Moving Beets from Python 2.7 to 3.7.1 on MacOS

I originally installed Beets with pip and Python 2.7 on macOS and with the --user flag since I had problems with the Six package.

Since the LastGenre plugin notifies my that it will end support for 2.7 I’d like to use Beets with 3.7.1.

I’ve installed Python 3.7.1 via Homebrew through brew install python3 and reinstalled Beets with
pip3 install beets.

I’m afraid that that might have not been a smart move, should I’ve added the ‘3’?
How do I make sure that I use Beets with Python 3.7.1 also with the correct path for use in my Terminal.

Thanks again ;-), Jan

Seems like you got it about right! If I were you, I might first pip uninstall beets to remove the version from the Python 2 installation before doing pip3 install beets.


Thanks @adrian will do.