Logs due to memory crash

Hi, just recently started using beets as i have an extremely large audio collection (around 11tb) I used to be a DJ and digitised my collection over the years so i have a lot of audio not correctly tagged.
The problem i am having is i run beets as docker on unraid, but i find after importing around 30-40 albums/singles my memory goes to 100% utilised and it crashes out my VMs etc. i have 64gb Ram and 2 x xeons in my server so im not sure why this is occuring, it could be a docker issue/unraid/beets, but ive checked in the log file and i can see no clue as to why this is dropping out as it is.

I used SSDs to process the files before they are finally moved to Mechanical disks once tagged and im happy so im not using beets as a music manager, just a tool to essentially tag and archive.

I use picard beforehand but found most of my music is not in musicbrainz DB but is in discogs.

Im using linuxservers docker version.

user configuration: /config/config.yaml

beets version 1.4.7
Python version 2.7.15
plugins: chroma, convert, discogs, embedart, fetchart, lastgenre, permissions, replaygain, scrub, web

Quick Update, ive removed the Chroma plugin from my config and the memory does not seem to be increasing as much now.

Maybe memory limit on docker container. You can check usage in cli
docker stats containername

Some other people are also reporting a memory leak when using Chroma:

But we’re having trouble tracking down the source. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi thanks both for the replies, ive set this us on my second server as i dont want to jepodise my main production box as it crashes all the docker apps I can reproduce this issue when chroma is enabled, the memory usage will jump up after scanning around 75-100 albums (on 16gb ram single xeon) so let me know where and how i can help

i can also set beets up on a mac to test to try and reproduce on multiple OS.

i do have a question though about a feature that maybe i need to enable but i would like to be able to delete partial albums that beets has found

selection (default 1), Skip, Use as-is, as Tracks, Group albums,

Enter search, enter Id, aBort? Remove album

is this possible to do this as i would rather remove incomplete albums on the fly instead of having to delete them manually afterwards

I ran into this same memory use problem using beets in a docker container. Chroma seemed to be soaking up all available memory no matter how much RAM i threw at my VM. I left the Chroma plugin in my config but added…

auto: no

and that seemed to help.