Is there a way to show all the custom fields for a track?

Is there a way to show all the custom fields for a track?

Importing is messy and I’ve already lost track of some of the custom fields that I added.

And while I’m asking things, is it true that custom fields must begin with a lower case letter and if it is then maybe that could make it’s way into the docs.

I added Instrumental=T to all the appropriate tracks and then discovered that I couldn’t search by that field. I’d do “beet list Instrumental:T” and it would return nothing. If I did "beet list track -f ‘$Instrumental’ it would show the T for that track, so it was in the DB.

No idea why the search wouldn’t work but after banging my head for a while I tried using lower case “instrumental=T” and beet list found that with no problem.


Hi! Try the info plugin for dumping out all the data from the library for a particular item.

I don’t quite see any obvious reason why that query wouldn’t work, unfortunately!

That is very useful and I missed it, but it’s not pulling my custom attributes.

“beet info collective soul” shows a LOT of info but when I filtered down to a track the custom stuff wasn’t there. Also tried “beet info -i ‘title,run’ collective soul” to cut down noise in case I was just not seeing it but all it printed was the titles followed by a blank line.

Never mind, I missed the ‘-l’ option. When I enable that then my custom fields show up.

Thank you!

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