Is it possible to tell Beets to reapply metadata for everything?

I have two questions.

  1. Is it possible to have Beets reapply metadata to my library?

In the SQLLite database, thee path is kept in the items table. So does that mean beets has a way to reapply all metadata across my library, and fill in what is in the database? basically bypassing the autotagger in a way. Say I already ran autotag for everything. Then I updated some metadata in the SQLLite DB. Can I somehow run a command to just reapply all metadata from the DB?

  1. Is it possible to add something to my config that tell Beets to only apply certain metadata. There are two fields I never want filled with data.



What are you doing about issue 2)?

If you have ‘write: yes’ in config.yaml under import does that mean metadata is being written during import?

Sorry, I am using the Zero plug-in for #2. Yes, autotag writes metadata.