Is beets the right tool for my use case?

Hey, I’m currently looking at beets for a small project I have and since it’s a lot to go through I thought I’d rather ask the experts here.

I basically have an application written in Python that

  • scans my YouTube playlist for updates
  • sends me a notification requiring me to preset the metadata (title and artist)
  • downloads the audio
  • sets the file’s metadata via ffmpeg
  • uploads it to my Google Drive

The relevant step is written in bold as that’s the only manual step in this process. YouTube doesn’t provide any metadata for the videos and parsing the video title wouldn’t work most of the time. That’s why I’m currently looking at auto-tagging solutions and stumbled upon beets :slight_smile:

Basically my question is: Could I do the following with beets?

  1. Pass a single file (stored in a temp directory created by my app) to the beets call
  2. Have it set the metadata and either overwrite the given file or save it directly beside the given file
  3. Have it set only the title and artist
  4. Doing all this without asking for user input. This might result in incorrect data but I’ll take that rather than having to set the metadata manually for everything

Thanks for any help!