Beets for images?

Hey, I love beets and want to something like it for image management. Does anyone know of something similar?

I don’t, but fwiw, this thread about “beets for video” has recently been revived:

You might find that interesting!

I recently came across Elodie, and then Beets and was thinking they were similar since they both create a very organized database. But they are opposites in a way, Beets can use several sources to add metadata, while Elodie uses metadata to organize the files.

Neat! Looks like a cool tool. FWIW, I would slightly differ in my explanation: beets does both of those things. It can fetch metadata from external databases, but then, when it organizes your files, it also uses tags to construct filenames. (I agree it doesn’t make much sense to do the former for photograph collections.)

Hi everyone! This is my first post here, I came to ask the exact same question :slight_smile: I am aware of the existence of Elodie, but I don’t really see how it can do the job. Basically, Elodie uses the filesystem as a database, and that does not scale well when you have more than a couple thousand images. (I know, because I created a quick’n dirty script that does just that).

I have been frustrated with online image galleries for a long time now, and I’m now looking for an alternative to Flickr, which is no longer free. Every time I go back to the drawing board, I realise that what I want is the same thing that beets does,:

sometool import /my/pics/dir

and then a nice configuration file that defines collections/albums:

        path: "/home/user/photos/%Y/%m"
        path: "/home/user/photos/albums/summer2018"
        min_time: "2018-07-01"
        max_time: "2018-09-01"

Do you know if anything similar already exists? If not then I guess I’ll have to make it…

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