Install beets community plugin via Docker (Synology NAS)

Hi there,

I am trying to install the beets-popularity plugin on my beets installed via Docker on my Synology NAS. When running the install script i get this error:

Any idea how can i fix it, or if there is another similar plugin that i can install easier ?

Thank you

Upgrade pip? run via python (something like python -m pip ) ? permissions - When I use sudo pip to install software I get the message "the directory... is not owned by the current user" - Ask Ubuntu

Thanks. Did the upgrade but now it seems that the plugin cannot be found. Tried the manual steps from GitHub - abba23/beets-popularity: Beets plugin to fetch and store popularity values as flexible item attributes but git does not seem to exist inside the container.

Does Synology use the LSIO Docker container?

Hello! It looks like beets-popularity is not on PyPI:

…so it will not be installable via pip. Perhaps the plugin author deleted it from PyPI. If you want to forge ahead anyway, you would probably need to clone the repo yourself and install it from there.

You could also try installing directly from GitHub with pip install git+

Trying your suggestion gives me:

this is the container i am using Docker

From the screenshot you’ve provided, it seems like git isn’t installed in the container. As the container seems to be Alpine based, try apk add git (you may need an apk update to refresh the package repository before running this).

@jackwilsdon your help was much appreciated. i managed to make it work now. all the best !

Does this survive container recreation though?

No. But i exported locally the container with all settings

I don’t know how you do this with Synology, but if there’s a way you can add your own custom additional volume you can script it: Customizing our Containers |