I did something stupid

Earlier this year, I bought a NAS and moved all my music from the internal hard drive to the NAS.

So, all my music used to be in /mnt/storage/music_library

I mounted the NAS to /mnt/music and did an rsync from the old location to the new location. I then created symlink that liked /mnt/music to /mnt/storage/music_library.

THEN, I really did something stupid. I didn’t read the documentation. Instead I just went into the config.yaml and edited:

directory: /mnt/storage/music_library

and changed it to:

directory: /mnt/music

And I went on my merry way importing more music. So, now I have a bunch of music in the database that thinks it’s at /mnt/storage/music_library and other music that thinks it’s at /mnt/music.

I’m trying to clean this up.

Should I:

  1. Delete the database and reimport everything using beet import -AWC
  2. Create a new directory on the NAS. Mount it on the server and do a beet move

The SQL in this comment might be of help - it updates the paths directly in the beets database.

I’d take a backup of your DB first though!

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