How to import two different releases of the same album?

Emancipator released Soon It Will Be Cold Enough in 2006 and then again in 2008, albeit with two fewer tracks, and a new order for them. How do I import both albums and keep them separate in Beets without overwriting?

When you import the second one and beets tells you it’s a duplicate, just choose “keep both” and you should be all good.

It merges their contents into a single directory. Could it be because they’re filed under the same release group in MusicBrainz? I would like to keep them in separate directories, so obviously they would need to have differing names.

The aunique{} path format function should prevent that. It’s present in the default paths configuration—have you configured paths that don’t use that, by chance?

That function is a godsend! Too bad it doesn’t work with artist names.