How to import bunch of tracks that are not grouped by albums

I have a few tracks that are not currently properly sorted. I have tried both beet import -s and beet import -s --flat. Even though beets was able to match the track, the album name was not updated (few other fields were updated) in both cases. Is this the expected behavior? Ideally, I would like to use beets to identify which albums these tracks belong to and update the tags so that I can manually sort them.

I tried the same after manually deleting the album tags and placing all the files in the same folder, but still the same (I cannot get the album tag written by beet).

It is possible that singleton is not the solution to my problem. If anyone has better ideas to match individual tracks and tag them, I would love to know.

Any advice?

Hello! Singleton imports don’t fetch album-level metadata. This thread has some details:

That thread basically discusses the problem but there is no solution. I am sure you have good reasons to not import album-level data for singletons. I would assume that whenever a match is found and users confirm the same, we should be importing everything that is available (something that Picard is able to do right now). May be something to consider in the future…