Help with Query Syntax

Hi All,

I want to reimport my rather large library to conform to a new and improved path format.

I plan to do this over a period of time and want to do it alphabetically by albumartist.

I need help with the query syntax to search all albumartists starting with letter “A”, then “B”, “C” and so on.

How can I achieve this?

How about a regular expression query, like albumartist::^A?

Thanks Adrian. That looks like it can work!

With albumartist::^A it will find artists like Amy Winehouse, but when doing albumartist::^W Amy Winehouse doesn’t appear.

If you want to match last names then maybe albumartist::^\w+\sW ?

Thanks for the query help. That works with the lastnames too! Brilliant

For last names and names that are written in non-latin scripts (russian or chinese for example) you can use the sortnames: albumartist_sort

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