Bucket plugin with quotes

I’m using the bucket plugin and am sorting into directories for each letter. The only issue I’m running into is an artist/band’s name begins with a " or ’ (like “Weird Al”). I added a bucket_alpha_regex like this:
‘W’: ^[’"][Ww]

Which works for Weird Al. My regex foo is so-so. Do I have to create one for each letter?


Hmm! That’s interesting—it does seem useful to have a rule where you always skip over a “meaningless” prefix letter. But I don’t think we have an option that does exactly that now. Sorry!

No problem. I was just making sure. It doesn’t come up too often but I’m a bit ocd about tagging and naming.


In general, If you find yourself thinking “oh man, am I gonna have to enumerate ALL the options?” with regex, it’s often helpful to ask the reverse: “can I just grab everything that doesn’t match?”

    '_': ^[^A-Z]

That will capture everything that doesn’t start with A-Z, and assign it to the _ bucket, which you should define in the bucket_alpha section along with your A through Z buckets.

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