Fix Paths?


While ago I changed the file path of my library. Before I had my library at /chet/Music_New/, now all new files are under /chet/Music/.

The problem is when I want to 'beet rm -d [query]", beet shows me the old path (nonexistent today) for old files, so I need to manually remove those, because beets will not remove the folder because it’s unexistent. For instance, if I want to remove all Bethooven albums I can do “beet rm -d beethoven” but it will not work because the path beet will look for will be /chet/Music_New/Beethoven and not /chet/Music/Beethoven

I already did a “beet move” some months ago of my big library.

Is there a way to fix that?

Hi! Have you read the FAQ about this?