Feature Request - in Quiet mode, skip = delete (or move to deleted folder)


I think this would be a great feature to add. During the import process - currently when your not in quiet mode, when there is a duplicate, you are prompted to skip, merge, as-is, keep new, keep old, or delete.

When your in quiet mode, there is no option for delete if already existing.

Would be nice if:

  • If duplicate exists
  • Check if the sizes are the same
  • Keep larger file size
  • Delete the matching duplicate by either hard delete, or move to /.deleted-by-beets directory

I saw on github that this is an issue (I cant find the issue sorry), but would love to have this!

Hi! The place where this would go, FWIW, is the quiet_fallback config option, which specifies what to do when there is no strong recommendation (the default for which is to skip).

The issue of how to automatically decide which album to keep and which to delete (or skip!) based on “quality” is a separate issue best tracked here:

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Does that mean the ‘delete’ option itself is already available somehow, @adrian ? (you went straight to the quiet mode feature)

Having to go through the remains of a big batch import and remember why each one was skipped afterwards is the roughest edge of beets for me. An option to skip-and-delete (but not necessarily delete all skips) would be great!

No. But for this use case, maybe the import log would be useful? Or maybe there’s a simple change we could make to that which could be helpful?

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Thanks for the pointer! I’ll experiment with that.