Calculated tag?

I have issues with multi discs or complete works on classical music when moving the files to Plex.
I can make a path structure as I like for them on beets but then Plex don’t show it that way.
As an example, Schubert “The Masterworks” (40 CDs). I can make a path like: /music/Franz Schubert/The Masterworks/The Masterworks Disc-01 - Symphonies 1 & 2/01 Symphony No. 1 In D Major, D. 82_ I. Adagio - Allegro Vivace.m4a

but then Plex show one album with all the tracks on it.

Seems currently Plex can’t show the album and inside it the 40 CDs individually. So I prefer to get the 40 CDs as individual albums. For that to work I must edit the album tag to something like the calculated folder “The Masterworks Disc-01 - Symphonies 1 & 2”.
Can this be done in a way similar to the path?

Hi! Are you saying that you’d like to systematically modify the $album flag to include the disc number? We don’t currently have an easy way to do that, but you might be interested in tracking this issue:

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Yes, that issue is what I’m looking for as Plex Media Server is messing with multi-discs right now. As you see on my capture Plex makes one album entry, put all the tracks on it (497) but don’t mark or label the individual CDs. If I can change the album tag in a way similar on how I change the paths, then Plex will make an album for each CD, not perfect but far better than having and entry with all the tracks. If anyone knows a better approach so Plex can organize classic music recopilations or complete works please share with me, can’t find any way yet.
Have some of Brilliants ones, Schubert 40 CDs, Beethoven 100, Bach 171…